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"Min farmor laver de bedste frikadeller i verden."

Translation:My grandmother makes the best meatballs in the world.

November 4, 2014



Never argue with Danish grandmothers. They're farmor than you can handle.


Seems odd to me that we've gone the entire course learning bedstemor and bedstefar, but now it's mormor, morfar, farmor, farfar. Are both terms used?


Yes, definitely; while children usually call their grandparents "bedste", teenagers and adults often use mormor, morfar, farmor and farfar - then it's also clearer who it is that we're talking about.

You could also check this thread out: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/5395706


There really is no usually, only individual family traditions and relations. I thought my grandmother was NAMED mormor until I was 5, and found the use of bedste and bedstemor/far actually disturbing until much, much later.


Ah, I was thought it was only a Swedish thing. Tak!


"Laver" is horribly mispronounced


But did you notice that if you hover over "laver" it is pronounced "lay wer" and if you listen to the whole sentence it is pronounced "lau wer"


It sounds like they said this exact word, with a Sønderjysk dialect. I'm from there, so couldn't help but laugh when I heard this pronunciation. XD


Does it mean that it's still correct, bur in another dialect (Sønderjysk), or it sounds similar?


I would say it's still correct, but "Laver" is spoken with a heavy sønderjysk dialect. it sounds like it pronounces it lauver, adding an unnecesary U. The A should sound like the A in the beginning of the word Alpha, and the V like the V in laVa.


Why not put Bedstemor if they want the answer Grandmother. If they put Farmor they should expect Paternal Grandmother if we are learning the language. Unfair to count it wrong - either should be correct.


Min mor laver de næstbedst frikadeller i verden.


Why is paternal grandmother listed in the "hints" if grandmother is the only correct answer?

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