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  5. "It is open during the day."

"It is open during the day."

Translation:C'est ouvert pendant la journée.

November 4, 2014



I replied "il est ouvert pendant le jour" et il est faux, pourquoi? ils ne sont pas le meme?


This can get confusing because "jour" and "journée" both mean "day" in English. There is a difference in French. "Jour" is a division word, which refers to a single amount of time. "Journée" is a duration word, which stresses the duration of time. (So "pendant le jour" is not correct French.)

Other words like these are "an/année", "soir/soirée", and "matin/matinée." Read examples and detailed rules here:



splendid reply, thank you very much. My girlfriend is a french speaker and was unable to answer this. Chapeau!

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