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  5. "Ela conhece a menina."

"Ela conhece a menina."

Translation:She knows the girl.

June 26, 2013



What's the difference between "sabe" and "conhece"?

(I got "Ele sabe." and "Ela conhece a menina." so I guess it's between knowing something and knowing/recognizing someone??)


It happens in Portuguese, Italian, Spanish, French,... saber = shows abilities, you have known about that, you understand the point. Conhecer = you know that for some or a long time before, like musics, people, places, etc, or if you have the knowledge about something. - você conhece essa música?, eles já cohecem a Maria, eles sabem cozinhar (they know howto cook)


Isn't it true that sometimes both can be used but with different meanings? I found a good example in a book. It is based on "Do you know the way to the supermarket?". If you use "saber" to translate "know" it means one thing and if you use "conhecer" it means another.


Yes. Sometimes you use both. If you use "saber" in the sentence you quoted it means "know". If you use "conhecer" it may mean "are you really sure you know the way?"


So "Eu sabo" is more along the lines of "I understand/I get the point" and Is it wrong (or even rude) to say, "Ele sabe a Maria."?


There isnt "eu sabo", but "eu sei". Hmm... you wont hear the sentence "ele sabe a Maria", but "ele conhece a Maria"


You can associate "conhecer" to "recognize" (reconhecer). It's not the same meaning, but "everthing (that) you recognize, you know. (Tudo que você reconhece, você conhece). You can also think of it as "to be aquainted with".

And you can associate the verb "saber" to "know how" (o saber - noun).

Eu sei cozinhar (I know how to cook).

Eu sei matemática (I know math) - It's not about recognizing, but having knowledge.

Sometimes saber and conhecer get mixed up, and there are some cases where both can be used.


How is 'conhece' pronuonced? Would be something like the spanish Ñ: 'coñece'?


Yes, they are pretty much similar


This is the Memrise PR BR course Level 8 verb description of conhecer:

  • to know (to be familiar with);
  • to meet (for the first time),
  • to get to know


Hey!!! I know "conhecer" it also means "get to know", what is wrong when I said "she gets to know a girl"???


So if this translates to "she knows the girl", how would i say "she met/meets the girl"?


The same way (if they are meeting for the first time)

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