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  5. "Jeg læser min bog."

"Jeg læser min bog."

Translation:I am reading my book.

November 4, 2014



Mit / min what's the difference?


Min is for common gender (n-words), for example: Min bog (My book), Bilen er min (The car is mine)
Mit is for neuter words (t-words), for example: Mit fjernsyn (My television), Det hus er mit! (That house is mine!)
Bonus: Mine is for plural nouns, for example: Mine bøger (My books), Husene er mine! (The houses are mine!)


What constitutes a 'common gender' word and what makes a 'neuter gender' word?


Even though it is easy to tell that specific animals (male or female) like duck, pig, cat and dog can be categorized as common gender, What confuses me is that some inanimate objects like newspaper (avis) are still considered common gender

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