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"I eat bread in the afternoon."

Translation:Ik eet brood in de middag.

November 4, 2014



Namiddag is afternoon...


In Flanders, perhaps. But in the Netherlands, "middag" refers to the period between 12 and 6 o' clock. See here for more (in Dutch).


But if 'middag' refers to the time 12h>18h. Then when starts the 'namiddag' and the 'avond' or the 'nacht' , Simius? I suppose namiddag=avond, from 18h till the moment we go to bed...?? Thanks, Lu


"Namiddag" is not used in (most part of) the Netherlands. "Avond" starts around 6pm and "nacht" around midnight (or around sunset, if you are talking about day vs. night).


I didn know this about the Netherlands, Simius. Very precious post, yours! Thanks again, Lu


What is wrong with"Ik eet middags brood"?


"brood" is the direct object in the sentence. You have to put the time element either at the beginning of the sentence ("In de middag eet ik brood") or at the end ("Ik eet brood in de middag" or "Ik eet brood 's middags")

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