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The wonder that is Duolingo

I just have to say that this is one of the best websites for learning languages that I have found so far. Covering multiple languages in a fashion that progresses quickly while still helping you to maintain retention. Other sites that are dedicated to only one language do not even come close! As a student that has taken multiple years of Spanish this site is a newly found love and hobby.

June 26, 2013



I agree this place is pretty boss.


D'accord! It has somehow managed to replace time previously spent playing games on my iPad and now I've made more progress learning a language with duolingo than anything else. Duolingo is shrinking the world!


i cant believe how easy its making it for me to learn. and it makes me remember it somehow when i have a terrible memory. my daughter told me about this site and its so cool. thanks duolingo guys!


I am 16 years old.I live in Bosnia,I think this site is great,it is awsome way for learning languages.Only problem is that I dont speak English perfectly so sometimes I have a litle problem with understanding of grammar.I'm sory foe mistakes i made in writing this text.


You're doing fine! Keep it up.

[deactivated user]

    Good job!


    Yes, i know, that's exactly my situation. But in fact you are practising two languages in same time and that's very useful. For me is Duolingo also an english course, not just german or italian. And i'm sorry for any mistakes, too;)


    Keep it up = )


    the more you do, the more fun it is too- keep it up and the sentences get crazy!

    [deactivated user]

      Like in Spanish- "We are turtles"! :)


      Por que dices esto?


      I agree ! runs around, jumps, flails


      Really great website!! And it's totally free!! THANKS Duolingo !


      SO glad I found this website.


      Yes, it's great


      I'm glad to have found it and it's quickly becoming my favourite :-)


      Has anyone that has achieved a high level in spanish been able to actually start speaking it at all? I am just curious! I love duolingo and it has helped me learn a lot!


      I recently discovered a website called "memerise" It is awesome! I encourage you all to check it out.


      I think this is a great way to learn the skills necessary for learning a language. From what I've seen, it doesn't provide you with a wide vocabulary. But it does teach you how to speak and write. This will give you the skills needed to become fluent on your own through reading and speaking upon completion.


      I have been using Memrise introduction to French. The course, if that is the word, that I have been working on shoots apparently random French words at you for you to translate and spell correctly. They do repetition based on algorithms that notice what you have difficulty remembering.

      If you use Google Chrome for a browser, it has an app that uses Google Translate to automatically translate web pages into whatever language you use. It has several levels that can be adjusted as you choose. The higher the level the greater number of words are rendered in your chosen language. It provides a mouse over translation for any word you don't understand. At the simplest level, some twenty per cent or so of the words were provided in French when I was using it. (before I found Duo.) If you know the subject matter of the web page, the mouse over translations make it pretty easy to wade through them.

      What I found, though, is that without something like Duo, I wasn't really learning anything. I was learning a few random words. I could handle a little French around the edges of material as long as I already was thoroughly familiar with it's content. But I couldn't put anything together in my mind.

      For my purposes Duo is great. I'm about a third of the way Duo French. When I am finished I can see that these two other approaches will be very useful.


      what is the app called that translates web pages?


      It is called Language Immersion for Chrome.

      Bear in mind that it is based on Google Translate which is notoriously unreliable at translating. Even before I took any French I could see that some of the translations were off.

      Still if should be useful if someone already had some French.

      One drawback for me was that it requires using Google Chrome as a browser. I found that even though Chrome was a memory hog that needed rebooting every couple of days, it was still quite limited in the number of apps that were available. I stopped using it and went back to Firefox. Lately I've been thinking of using it for a couple of web sites that could really help me with my French if viewed through Language Immersion.


      I totally agree, this is one of the best I've come across as well!


      thanx duolingo


      Duolingo 4 president!


      Thanks Duo! You guys are incredible.


      I agree, it's easily the best interactive language teaching tool I've ever experienced - and I went through a phase of buying loads of mini apps, linguaphone - all sorts of media. Well done on creating such a great tool and moreover making it accessible to all. Keep up the great work!


      I've been using the website SharedTalk to try to learn Portuguese, and someone there recommended DuoLingo to me. All I can say is that I've been using it for 3 days now and it works a treat.Amazing!

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