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The wonder that is Duolingo

I just have to say that this is one of the best websites for learning languages that I have found so far. Covering multiple languages in a fashion that progresses quickly while still helping you to maintain retention. Other sites that are dedicated to only one language do not even come close! As a student that has taken multiple years of Spanish this site is a newly found love and hobby.

June 26, 2013



I agree this place is pretty boss.

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D'accord! It has somehow managed to replace time previously spent playing games on my iPad and now I've made more progress learning a language with duolingo than anything else. Duolingo is shrinking the world!


i cant believe how easy its making it for me to learn. and it makes me remember it somehow when i have a terrible memory. my daughter told me about this site and its so cool. thanks duolingo guys!


I agree ! runs around, jumps, flails


I am 16 years old.I live in Bosnia,I think this site is great,it is awsome way for learning languages.Only problem is that I dont speak English perfectly so sometimes I have a litle problem with understanding of grammar.I'm sory foe mistakes i made in writing this text.


You're doing fine! Keep it up.


Yes, i know, that's exactly my situation. But in fact you are practising two languages in same time and that's very useful. For me is Duolingo also an english course, not just german or italian. And i'm sorry for any mistakes, too;)


Keep it up = )

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