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a/para + infinitive

When do I use "a" and "para" before an infinitive.

For example: Voy a la cocina a cocinar. OR Voy a la cocina para cocinar.

April 30, 2012

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There is no rule per se, different verbs 'take' different prepositions and often these are only learnt through trial and error. There are lists of verbs for each preposition on the web and in books (dictionaries) and some of these have rules. For example verbs of motion take the preposition 'a' "regresar + a " "ir + a", but there are also many other verbs that take 'a' as well "aprender a" "asistir a". Other prepositions used with verbs are por, en, de, con. Para is used in the sense "for the purpose of.." but I still can't work out a rule for when to use "para" "a" or the verb on it's own.

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