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"Io sono un gatto, non ho ancora un nome."

Translation:I am a cat, I still do not have a name.

June 26, 2013



I should probably make sense of what I'm writing and not listen to the audio. It definitely said una gatto.


I agree. I reported it as a problem.


"I am a cat, i haven't got a name yet" isn't it correct? at least, in British English?


"I am a cat, I do not have a name yet" was marked correct.


Another great example of a sentence that makes no sense to me. There are too many of them, taking the fun out of this. It has been shown that when learning a new language not only do you need to memorize words, you also need to memorize phrases, preferably in a context that makes sense and that will come in handy for you when you take your first steps speaking your new language. So, please start washing out the meaningless sentences and start providing more meaningful ones (e.g. dialog). Look at how BBC once did it in their 12-step courses (sadly they're no longer available).


Is "I am a cat I still have no name" correct?


I heard 'una' please be clear in pronouncing,because we are not yet perfect


It said UNA gatto not UN.

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