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"Oops, it doesn't seem to be in French"

So, when I was doing a Timed Practice, I came across the sentence that went something like this: "Tu manges le fromage . . ." It was a listen and type what you hear, and, because of the noise around me, I couldn't catch the last part. So, I just wrote "Tu manges le fromage," and accidentally hit "enter". But instead of marking it was wrong, there was a little pop-up message, telling me that the answer didn't seem to be in French. Excuse me?I double checked my spelling (I was sitting there for half a minute, so, yes I am sure it was spelled correctly.), and relistened to the recording, with the same result.

I was doing a Timed Practice, so I lost my time over this (I tried putting "entirement" in there with the same result) but I'm not upset over that. I just would like to know why my answer wasn't accepted, and if anyone else is experiencing this.

November 4, 2014



That happened to me once. My answer was most definitely French and correct. It never happened again. I think it's just a small glitch or something.


Something less strange happened to me... It said to translate "le raisin" so I wrote "the grape", but it said that it had to be plural!!!


Same with me! I lost a test 'cause the error was my last heart, and it wasn't even an error!

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