"I have the car."

Translation:Ho l'automobile.

June 26, 2013

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Why automobile??? I put macchina and was wrong :/


Accettato l'11 marzo 2022!


I wrote: "C'ho la macchina" and was marked wrong. Well, I live in Italy (Tuscany), and I can tell you, that's what people actually say.


Italian language In written is slightly different than speaking , i believe same in English too , " La macchina " = the Car "L'automobile " = the car concentrate on vowels ( a,e,i,o,u ) Before vowels " La become L' Without vowels " La " I think this will help you


I wrote "ho la macchina "and was marked wrong . Please can someone tell me why ?


What's wrong with "ho la macchina"?


I put macchina. This surely is acceptable?


I have both heard it and seen it written. And yes, Tuscany is beautiful; but the political situation is appalling.


C'ho, c'hai, c'ha and so on are considered slang forms (they actually go against Italian rules, which allow ci to be elided only before i and e), and although widely used, "ciò (che non è ci + ho...) non vuol dire che tali usi siano ammissibili o tanto meno consigliabili nella prosa sorvegliata e negli usi standard dello scritto" (quote from http://www.treccani.it/magazine/lingua_italiana/domande_e_risposte/grammatica/grammatica_060.html that contains a grammarian's opinion). In other words, it's substandard Italian and you should avoid it outside colloquial contexts.

P.S. The political situation is much worse in the rest of Italy...


In the answer to the question before this one, the car was called macchina. Now I'm wrong for using it. DUO!!!


Is that the way you hear it, or have you seen it written that way?


forgot to add: If you live in Tuscany, you are one very fortunate person!!

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