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  5. "I am a man."

"I am a man."

Translation:Jeg er en mand.

November 4, 2014



Why is it "mand" and not "manden?"


Mand=man, manden=the man, en mand=a man


Is there certain pronunciation rules that the danish alphabet follows ... it is very hard ti understand the google translate


Well, the danish alphabet sounds a little different that English, but you should look every letter up to hear what they sound like.


En mand, but et aeble... Does this mean use 'et' when followed by a vowel? And 'en' when followed by a consonant? Like english 'a' and 'an'?


No, there's not really a rule about 'en' and 'et'. It could be: 'Et hus, et gardin, et skab, et æble, et hæfte', and so on. Or it could be: 'en kat, en bog, en seng, en dør, en gulerod, en and' and so on. So no, there's not really a rule.

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