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  5. "The girl sleeps once a day."

"The girl sleeps once a day."

Translation:Het meisje slaapt eens per dag.

November 4, 2014



I really don't understand why DL refuses to accept "meisje" even though at the top of this discussion it is listed as the correct translation and instead insists that the word it wants is "meid" What's up here?

  • De meid
  • Het meisje

So if you use de it will tell you to use meid.


Would "één keer per dag" also be correct?


Why is "de meid slaapt dagelijk" incorrect?


de meid slaapt dagelijkS, would translate to the girl sleeps daily, it could mean that she sleeps 3 times a day, that would be daily aswell.


Hey everybody! Maybe I missed something. But I thought there should be "de" instead of "het"?


What does De jongedame slaapt één keer om dag mean (at least the één keer om part)? Also why don't we learn meid and jongedame in the course but we still see it?


Being a native Dutch speaker, this sentence sounds weird. I would normally say:" Het meisje slaapt eenmaal per dag."

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