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With the new format my skill points jumped

With the new format my skill points jumped all of a sudden and a few levels that I had not mastered before now appear "mastered". Could that be reversed? Also, could the scores be reinstalled, I mean, previously when you pointed at a certain topic the pop-up message will show how many skill points you have so far out of how many in total. This is no longer available. I do not think that the changes improved the experience of learning a new language and translating the Internet for free.

October 2, 2012



Thanks! We'll fix a few of these issues.


@valebg me too, on both counts :) My skill points have jumped and I'd like to be able to see the points required for skill completion, which I am unable to view now.


These are sensible suggestions. The skill points out of a total were a real motivator. I hope they are restored.

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