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I just tried to upload the first canto of Dante's Inferno

And I got the message, "The document may contain offensive content."

June 26, 2013



the problem is somewhere in the last third of the document. I have just split the canto up into three documents and uploaded the first two.


This would've been cool to read in Italian.


Consider that when Italian highschoolers study it, they need footnotes "unwrapping" the sentences or explaining the meaning of some words which are not used anymore. It's still poetry... I don't know if you may be interested in it: http://www.liberliber.it/audiolibri/a/alighieri/index.php there are the mp3 of all the cantos of "La Divina commedia", if you want to listen to them


That's right! This is ancient. Someone likes this poetry so much that learn it all (almost). The first lines of this canto are really popular in Italy.


You can get children's books of Inferno. Much more manageable but still challenging enough! Let's leave aside the fact that it is not actually very suitable for children...

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