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  5. "Deze koe is het zachtst."

"Deze koe is het zachtst."

Translation:This cow is the softest.

November 4, 2014



Duolingo has a thing for soft animals.


I thought "deze" is used with "de" words. Since the cow is "het zachtst", it is a het word?

Why are the two articles different here?


"Koe" is a de-word, hence the use of "deze".

The "het" in this sentence is a quirk of the predicate superlative (i.e. a superlative that is connected to its noun by a linking verb, like "to be"). In that case you can use either "de" or "het", regardless of the noun. They have slightly different meanings:

  • Deze koe is het zachtst - This cow is the softest
  • Deze koe is de zachtste - This cow is the softest one.


Very much obliged. So you can't say "Deze koe is het zachtste"?


No, you can't. However, I'm still not sure about "het" words. Is it possible to say:

"Dit paard is het zachtste."



If you are talking about a group it is. Dit paard is het zachtste (paard) van allemaal. However you can also say deze koe is de zachtste (koe) van allemaal.


Perhaps a flabby cow.


Gentlest should i think be accepted. I reported it in an earlier exercise. My van Dale dictionary and google translate both suggest this. I would take google with a pinch of salt, but would rely on van Dale.

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