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Navigating the curriculum

I've completed the first 3 lessons of Spanish Level 2. The rest are greyed out. How do I proceed?

November 4, 2014



You have to complete all the lessons in Basics 1, Phrases and Basics 2 in order to unlock the next few skills.


Thanks. And how do I do that? By continuing to "strengthen skills"?


You do each lesson, one at a time, by completing the exercise before loosing all your hearts. Each skill has two numbers after the name of the skill e.g. Basic 1 1/3, the first digit says how many lessons have been completed, the following number is the number of lessons in the skill. When all lessons are complete the skill turns Gold and the two numbers disappear. So if you can see any of these numbers in the first three skill, you have not completed them all.

You only need the strengthen skills when the colour of the skill reverts back to it's original colour from Gold. That will take quite a while from when you start so I am not sure why you are strengthening skills at this point instead of doing lessons.

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