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"Du er bedre til at svømme end mig."

Translation:You are better at swimming than me.

November 4, 2014



"You are better at swimming than I" is definitely correct with the understood "am." But "than" can also be a preposition which makes "me" also correct.


The English translation is terrible- it is so bad to say 'than me'. It should be 'than I'!


I am so tired of DL's dreadful English! At least they should allow correct English as an alternative! I have reported it, but that doesn't seem to help.


You should use "end jeg" instead of "end mig." Many people make this mistake in English as well (saying "you are better at swimming than me" instead of "than I"), but when you're learning an all-new language, you may as well get it right from the start ;)


I'm pretty sure it was said earlier in the course that ''end mig'' is the right way to say it, and ''end jeg'' is incorrect. Which is different from other languages, yes, but exceptions happen !


Imagine if the sentence said "Du er bedre til svømning end mig." "Svømning" and "mig" seem like they are the indirect objects in the sentence, but that doesn't make sense for the first-person singular. You are comparing two different people's ability to do something, not one person's abilities to do two different things, so both people in the sentence should be subjects. It's really a short form of the full sentence: "Du er bedre til at svømme, end jeg er."


no man I completely understand the rule aha, I use the equivalent of "end jeg" in every other language I speak.

BUT after looking it up it appears that it is the same case with danish. Just figured that it was something like, idk, how in german you say "im August" which is literally "in the August" in english. Just like some sort of a difference from language to language.

but hey who knows, maybe people look at the phrase "end jeg" with even more raised eyebrows than might be done if you say "end mig". I trust the people who made the course picked what's best for a person learning the language informally.


I found a nice quiz about "jeg/mig", including the rules: https://proscript.dk/maanedens-sprogquiz-mig-eller-jeg/


Could I also make a noun out of the verb and say "Du er en bedre svømmare end mig"?


I had ‘better than me at swimming’ - which is correct English as well. But marked wrong.


"Than me" er jo ikke riktig.


"You are better than me at swimming " should be accepted .


Why not: You can swim better than me?

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