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Unable to advance in Irish on Android

Very happy to have Irish on Android now! Unfortunately I have hit a weird bug that I haven't see mention of in the forums yet. I completed the lesson on Lenition which going from the tree on the Android app should have opened Clothing and Possessive for me. Instead however the only option was Take a Shortcut even though I had completed all the previous lessons available to me. When I came on to the website to see what the problem was however I found that there are 2 whole lessons on Eclipsis that don't show up in Android but do on the web. To make matters worse I took the shortcut on Android but failed it a few times and now I can't take anything new on Android.

I haven't taken the Eclipsis lessons on the web but I assume that they would open up the lessons that are currently locked to me. I'll probably do that in the next few days if this isn't easily fixed.

November 4, 2014


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