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  5. "Maybe that is not beer."

"Maybe that is not beer."

Translation:Misschien is dat geen bier.

November 4, 2014


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Why does "misschien dat is niet bier" not work?

November 30, 2014


Can you explane why sentense in Dutch has this order: "Misschien is dat geen bier". Is strict rules exist about it?

November 4, 2014


In Dutch, if the subject (here: "dat") is not the first word of the sentence, then the subject and the verb switch places. This is known as inversion, there is more information about it here.

This word order is not strict. "Misschien" is an adverb, which can appear at many places in the sentence. Moving it to the beginning of the sentence gives it more emphasis. Also good would be: "Dat is misschien geen bier" (That is maybe not beer).

November 5, 2014


Why is 'misschien dat is niet bier' accepted?

January 19, 2015


See Simius' answer to my question about word order above.

January 19, 2015


Hi Guys! Niet can't replace Geen in this sentence?


January 31, 2015


Ok, so what is the excact thing in this case that motivates this order difference?

July 7, 2015
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