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How to get the XP bar back [userscript]

If you're not on Google Chrome, this won't work, since it requires Tampermonkey.

EDIT: Original post from creator th23x: click here

Hello! I came across a post in the Spanish forum with instructions on how to get the XP bar back, and it worked well for me, so I though I'd share it. It's a Tampermonkey extension written by someone here on Duolingo. Unfortunately, however, the post did not include the author's name, so I can't give credit for it just yet. Please tell me if you know who created it so I can add his/her name to this post. Thanks! Here are the instructions:

  1. Download Tampermonkey (from the Chrome store) here: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/tampermonkey/dhdgffkkebhmkfjojejmpbldmpobfkfo

  2. After that's installed, download this: http://th23.net/wp-content/uploads//temp/th23_Duolingo.user.js.zip

  3. Click the Tampermonkey logo on the top right of your browser (it should be a small black square with two circles) and select "Add a new script."

  4. Click "Utilities" (top right) and then, under Zip, "Choose file." Now select the previous download (http://th23.net/w...).

  5. Now, on the Tampermonkey page, go to "Installed userscripts" and enable th23 Duolingo by making sure the circle is green (not red).

  6. Refresh the page on Duolingo, and ta-da! You have you XP bar back!

Hope it helped.

November 4, 2014



Now this should be a sticky post in the forum...

I got Coach today and I was kind of depressed for 2 minutes until I found this. I was about to write a post asking for someone to create this script, lol.

I would love if this script could be improved to get rid of the "Set a Daily XP Goal to help keep yourself motivated" message, it only takes screen space and it is pointless to set it to 1...


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I haven't activated Coach either, but I was tired of looking at the space being occupied by it so I used AdBlock to block the element box that the coach is in ... It's a functional work around for essentially hiding it, although I think the sidebar looks a bit funky with the graph at the top.


Wow! Boy that's a HIT! Thrice: 1 because it does work; 2 because it works with an already activated coach too 3. because it instantly works on ALL Duolingo accounts on this computer...

Thank you, grazie, gracias, merci etc etc...


I would have never though about AdBlock... Thanks I'm definitely going to try.

Edit: It worked perfectly, and I kept Duo Coach because is nice hehe.


But why Duolingo like removing good and useful functionalities? Is this script still working now?


I'm curious too. I'm going to try right now.


it didn't work, I am very disappointed.


Don't work for me either.


I was able to get the script to work in Firefox with the Greasemonkey extension.

Note It did take me a couple tries to get it to work because I would get an error message. I finally tried deleting the line of the code that was //@grant none or something like that and then it was accepted.


It works with firefox, and no edits required! Thanks for the postings.


I'm now using eight userscripts, all of them available from this wiki link.



Credit where credit's due to the creator:



Thanks! I think it's a good time for a repost, now that the coach has been rolled out to all users. If the creator wants me to take it down, I would be happy to.


This worked perfectly. I have to wonder, since it's so easy and seamlessly integrates into the existing coach feature....c'mon team Duo! Just turn on that little scripty-script so I don't have to use a third party tool get it back! At any rate, I am so very thankful for this work around. I feel like I can enjoy working hard to earn my levels in my languages again, which is what made Duo fun for me in the first place! I am very motivated by leveling up, I feel like I'm playing a computer game and working hard to become a level 11 Swede ;)


I think this one should be easier for Google Chrome user: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/duolingo-xp-bar/dkknkcpbgcaldcjpchgciginadhnapeh

If this link does not work, then just search for 'Duolingo XP Bar' in Chrome Store...

Update (12 January 2020): The link no longer works


Just installed this and seems to be working perfectly! Feeling exited as this is the first time I ever saw the progress bar (apparently I started using DL after the bar was taken off the profile page). Many thanks for sharing!! :D:D


Thank you so much!


Thank you, I just translate into Portuguese.

I give you 10 lingots! :)


Great idea! Thanks!


Thank you so much.
My progress bar is back !!!


Thank you and the initial creator for this. I much prefer the XP bar to the coach.


Oh... my...

You, sir, deserve a lingot! Oh yes, a lingot from me. Now let me tell you why that is so very special. Whenever I see a wickedly awesome comment on the discussion board, for the tiniest moment I think about throwing a lingot to the poster. Then, much for my embarrassment, my dark side takes over and - in my head - I crouch over, start rubbing my hands together hissing "my precious..." to myself and end up giving just a good ol' thumbs up for the poor poster who deserves so much more. Not this time!

Much appreciated!

EDIT: Actually, why stop with just one when you can have 10. Must act quickly before Sméagol takes over!


Hi. Looks like it doesn't work anymore...


Tell me about it :( Did you find another way?


I've been trying for a while... When I came across this post I thought this was it! I feel like I've been on Level 15 for the longest time... Even a month long streak never changed anything.


Unfortunately it doesn't work anymore :(


Thanks for sharing Samsta. Do you have any screenshots?


See Eey91's screenshot above.


Are you on Google Chrome? After clicking the link, the download should start automatically. You'll see it down at the bottom left of your browser.


Yes I am on chrome, but the website gets an error. Maybe it's my connexion or something :(


Thank you so much


Worked like a charm. Thank you!


Thank you so much, this works, doesn't get rid of the Pesky Coach (should be a health warning with him), but at least I now have the XP bar back and the word count, thanks @th23x especially!


Finally I can see again how many words in Danish I have learned yet, which was impossible to see for beta courses! Thanks a lot.


Worked for me, gave you a lingot too :)


si lo escribes en español no me molesto


Aquí está el post original escrito en español: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/5306540


Bravo, thank you very much. I recommend that you edit your comment to include that Tampermonkey is a Chrome ad on and therefore should be safe for Chrome users. Most of us are nervous about random downloads.

I had found a post about how to get the XP line back with Mozilla or Firefox, but I haven't used them in a long time and didn't make the time to install them. Your post is great for Chrome users, and I now understand that Chrome is the most used browser. Thanks again.


Thank you so much! It worked!


That worked. \o Thanks


Thank you very much! I was looking for this script everywhere, you deserve a lingot ;)


I gave you 5 lingots. Thanks buddy. ^_^


Thank you, have my lingots!!

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