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« C’est dans ces petites choses qu’on trouve les pourcentages qui font la différence. »

This is a French translation of an actual quote by Bradley Wiggins (who speaks English). So I thought there could be no better back-translation than what he originally said. According to Associated Press:

“ …that is where all the marginal gains are, that's what makes the difference”.

Duolingo clearly thinks differently - 0% agreement. Something does not compute.

October 3, 2012



By the way, it is true that if they did change the French sentence and proposed it first for translation into English, the Duo rule seems to be "translate what you see". My translation of the English, just for your info: "c'est à la marge que se trouvent les gains et c'est ce qui fait la différence".


@Sitesurf - Thanks for your comments and a better French translation of the original. I'd have to agree that the given French was not a perfect translation of what Bradley Wiggins originally said. But that is my point. If a non-literal tranlation into French of what someone is alleged to have said is considered worthy of our effort, then Duolingo (and the Duolinguists who rate these translations) need to stop being so damned pedantic about insisting that any literal, word-for-word, plodding translation of the French interpretation of what was was said, is always a better translation than what was actually said in the first place.

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