"Only he has a different view of things."

Translation:Solo lui ha una visione delle cose diversa.

June 26, 2013



May I say: Solo lui ha una visione diversa delle cose? .

October 14, 2013


that is what I wrote and it worked

October 18, 2013


I got the multiple-choice-task with only half-correct answer as given above as "translation". But it is a totally different thing to say: "Solo lui ha una visione diversa delle cose" or "Solo lui ha una visione delle cose diversa."

In the first version the VIEW is different (which is the correct sense of the given sentence) and in the second version you got different THINGS

Regretfully it was not possible to report it (I tried), because one could only mark"The English sentence is unnatural or has an error" - which is not the point. So, I stay hoping that this will be corrected somehow and sometime ;-)

August 17, 2017


Karen, singular diversa cannot relate to plural cose. This is just a peculiar word order, I guess because visione delle cose is being treated as a noun phrase, but I've not seen that before. Trick question.

October 9, 2017


Oh yes you are absolutely right! I have just overseen it :-( Thanks for your hint (months later) !

June 27, 2018


I agree!

February 17, 2019


What is the difference between: ... una visione delle cose diversa AND ... una visione diversa delle cose?

In English there is a difference and I'm assuming the same is true of Italian. He has a vision of different things OR he has a different vision of things. These two sentences have different meanings. Which meaning is this Italian sentence? Grazie :)

March 6, 2014


This tripped me up at first, but I believe "lui ha una visione delle cose diversa" means "He has a different vision of things" - the word order is misleading, but "diversa" is singular, so it must be referring to the singular "una visione" rather than the plural "le cose". I think "lui ha una visione diversa delle cose" would mean the same thing and be much clearer!

April 28, 2014


Good point. After reading your explanation, I'm now seeing "una visione delle cose" as the subject, so putting the adjective after that subject, it now makes sense.

May 15, 2015


Thanks for this analysis. I did not want to choose any of the three options but then I couldn't proceed so I reluctantly chose the first. Now I realize why it is proper Italian.

August 20, 2015



April 29, 2014


Referring to the last two comments, it does seem strange that the adjective 'diversa' , which agrees with 'visione' in gender and number, should be placed after 'cose' which is plural (and thus is not linked with 'diversa'). Does anyone know if this word order is usual or unusual in Italian?

August 27, 2015


the word order threw me, but only option three has "delle", not "nelle"

March 4, 2016


Would 'vista' work here as well? or is 'visione' necessary to make it some sort of idiom?

October 28, 2013


I had the same question and I think that "vista" implies physical sight only: http://www.wordreference.com/enit/vision

December 24, 2013


Thats correct, except when using "punto di vista" - which would fit here

January 4, 2015


And yet, without context as per usual, might not the sentence be saying that "He has a different view of things from his bedroom window?"

April 29, 2018


so it is the phrase "visione delle cose" that is modified by "diversa"?

February 23, 2016


visione is modified by diversa

August 25, 2016


This translates to: Only he has a view of different things. Shouldn't it be: Solo lui ha una visione diversa delle cose? " Diversa" should come after "visione", non e vero? We're talking about a different view, not different things.

August 30, 2017


"different things" would have been cose diverse so putting the diversa at the end works OK as it can only apply to visione. However putting it after visione is also accepted.

June 27, 2018


Seems to be it should be:

Solo lui ha una visione delle COSE DIVERSA. == Only he has a vision of the DIFFERENT THINGS.


Solo lui ha una VISIONE DIVERSA delle cose. == Only he has a DIFFERENT VISION of things.

Can someone explain?

September 22, 2017


I have some doubts. What is the adjective diversa modifying? Is it modifying visione? or is it modifying cose? Shouldn't it be: Solo lui ha una visione diversa delle cose? If diversa is modifying cose shouldn't it be diverse instead of diversa? Please AIUTO

October 20, 2017


Yes it is modifying visione, and yes it would have to be diverse if modifying cose. Putting diversa after visione is also accepted.

June 27, 2018


A "different view" does not equate to "different things". The English solution is incorrect.

December 5, 2018


Adesso ho una visione dell'ordine delle parole diversa. Grazie per il bel esercizio.

March 4, 2019


'Opinion ' not accepted. :(

April 24, 2014


Yes, I believe the translation is wrong, too. I reported it.

October 18, 2015


I think DL mixes up different views and different things.

May 8, 2016
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