"Segui le stelle."

Translation:Follow the stars.

June 26, 2013

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Mostly I am in awe of The Voice but now and then it stumbles as it does here with "le stelle." It puts an odd stress on the final syllable of the phrase: le stel-LE.

There is a fabulous site for sorting out pronunciation of individual words and short phrases:


You can enter the word "stelle" and hear a handful of native speakers say the word.


I do not see what "You are following the stars." is not acceptable for "Segui le stelle." Sometimes getting answers counted incorrect that are actually correct is not only frustrating but as well discouraging. :o(


"are following" isn't the same as "follow" xD


I think the sense was more imperative than descriptive. :)


I typed "You follow the stars" and it was correct, but I also got as an alternative answer, "Follow the stars"

The second sentence is, in English, a command. Can this sentence be a command in Italian as well? And if so, could someone clarify what makes it be a command? (For example, starting with a verb; I'm pretty sure "Tu segui le stelle" wouldn't be a command)


Are stars in this context referring to celebrities? Following the stars doesn't sound quite right.

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