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Translation:Sú talún.

November 5, 2014



If su is juice, why is su talun not strawberry juice... and how would you say strawberry juice? (Forgive lack of accents)


can also mean "(red)berry", giving you things like

  • sú craobh ('branch berry') for "raspberry"

  • sú talún ('ground berry') for "strawberry"


talún means "ground"... so saying "strawberry" in Irish follows the same logic as in German. In German it's 'Erdbeere', literally "earth/ground berry"


They’re different words. The juice is masculine, with its plural súnna; the berry is feminine, with its plural sútha. I’d imagine that “strawberry juice” would be sú sútha talún.


So, when I understand correctly "sú oráoste" (orange juice) only works, because an orange isn't a berry? Or, to put it different, "sú" means berry and juice in the same time?


According to scilling's comment above, they're different words that happen to have the same nominative singular.

(juice) is masculine, with plural súnna

(berry) is feminine, with plural sútha

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