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difference between engang, selv, and endda?

November 5, 2014



    This exercise has it explained better than I could, with some practice examples, too


    That link isn't working for me, but I found it here: http://basby.dk/modul1/even00.htm


    "engang" = once upon a time

    "en gang" = once, one time, a time

    "selv" = even, -self, -selves

    "endda" = even

    "end da" = than when

    Even - selv or endda

    When it's about the subject or object, use "selv" (e.g. "Selv Thomas sov" meaning "Even Thomas slept")

    When it's about the verb, use "endda" (e.g. "Thomas kunne endda også tale tysk" meaning "Thomas could even speak German")

    Endda or end da

    It's almost never "end da". And when it is "end da", Danes usually take a break between the words in order to avoid misunderstandigs.

    Examples where it actually is end da

    • Han fik flere lektier for nu end da han gik i første klasse (He gets more homework now than when he attended first grade)

    • Pizzaerne er billigere for tiden end da pizzariet åbnede (The pizzas are cheaper at the time than when the pizzeria opened)


      Also to clear things up, I think the original poster was referring to "ikke engang" (not even), which is only used in the negative

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