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how to speak fluently by english in everyday ?

November 5, 2014

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Personally, it's like simulating how you learn your mother tongue. First you have to read/listen to a lot of English words in full sentence (best if being written/pronounced by native English speakers so you know when and how to say them exactly.) When you know how to, you're more confident in using them. The more you use them, the more they stay in your memory.

Just like when we're children, we read books and listened to people around us, and learned new words a lot.

Then, we try using the words by incorporating them in sentences. Again, the more you use them, the better. And easier the next time you use those words.

When I say "try using the words", I meant both in writing and speaking.

Good luck!


practice makes perfect


mistakes make perfect, wkwkwk...


I spend hours reading untranslated literary works (bad translators kills) which introduces a lot of words- diverse words. Watch American/British documentaries about everyday life or World War II- basically anything. Dive in and find an English speaking community- online or offline. Dance to those good songs- if you can find a song without those horrifying slangs. Use it to talk to your friends.


Try to have conversation with a foreigner. One may be a good translator but never "owns" the language completely, language exists for communication, not translating something, don't afraid the mistakes, from mistakes we learn something.


learn speak english step by step


Just keep practicing.

Writing English can also stimulate your speaking skill.


write and speak grammar


practice by often


read news/articles in english and dont forget to practice, if you dont practice it then you will forget most of the words you have learnt in months


let's see... OK. I already finished reading the book, the conclusions is "KEEP LEARNING".. hehe


you have to more practice every day dear

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