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  5. "Afrika ist groß."

"Afrika ist groß."

Translation:Africa is big.

November 5, 2014



As a native German speaker concerning the possible words "big", "large", "huge", "great" for the sentence "Afrika ist groß": Like in most cases the usage of adjectives depends from the meaning. For me the meaning of "Afrika ist groß" is quit simple ... it's a matter of country size. In this case I would say that "big" is the correct correspondence. You, as native English would perhaps consider "large" similar? "Huge" I would consider as an increase of "big/large" ... in German "riesig". "Great" has a different meaning. It relates more to the people of Africa ... don't know how to express it more exactly in English ... look for the German word "großartig", or in what context Mr. Trump is (mis)using this adjective so often in these days ;-)


You make good points but it's incorrect to refer to Africa as a "country". It is actually a continent.


It is a matter of meaning: Auf deutsh "Grösse ist alles" = Size is all. It´s clearly referred to size.

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What is this ß thing?

"ß" is not a "B" or "β" (beta)!

The letter "ß" ("Eszett" or "scharfes S") is a ligature which represents the same sound as "ss". It sounds exactly like the last sound in the English word "bus".

"ß" is used after long vowels and diphthongs (ai/eu/au/äu), and "ss" is used after short vowels.

If you cannot type the latter, you can alternatively type "ss". More info


Very nice! Somone finally bought up this "double ss" character! I want to ask you, in German physics classes, how do you write the symbol "beta"? :P


Hello pikachu, you need to change the keyboard for getting a German Alphabet, that is the easier way. Bye


Why are comments always getting deleted?


Why are comments always getting deleted?

Generally, because they are off-topic: jokes, responding to the contents of Duo's sentence (e.g. answering a question), .... Or because they are repetitive (there's no need for the same question to be asked three times).


Oh, now it all makes sense.


mizinamo, don't you think such naive phrases as "Afrika ist groß" are just too light at this level? i can't see the point behind such an exercise.


Because the moderators have no sense of humor. In the Spanish course they leave the jokes alone which always gives one a reason to check out the comments and learn something extra.


Yes, Africa is VERY big. Anyone know what "very big" is in German?


"Very" is "sehr," so that would be "sehr groß."


Thanks so much! Enjoy a lingot.


I wrote big but is also large


Why not huge? Is huge represented by another german word?


Why not huge? Is huge represented by another german word?


huge = riesig (related to der Riese = the giant, so it's literally "gianty") or riesengroß (literally, "giant-big").


I don't have that character to spell gros correctly


You should be able to type "ß" by either (on a mobile device) long-pressing the "s" key or (on the Duolingo website) pressing the "ß" button under the answer textbox. If you still can't type "ß," the correct substitution is "ss": "gross."


There are 3 different sounds: 1.s, 2.ss, 3.sch. The first one tends to z: In English 'is' un German 'ist' The second one tends to soft, gentle s: In English: pressing, in German: groß. The third one is like your name: sch. In English: Shirl, in German: Entschuldigung.


Would "Präsident Trump ist groß" be correct use of the word groß or is there any type of size limitations to using it? Saying Africa is "big" just doesn't sound right. I would say Africa is huge, or Africa is massive. I would say Europe is big, but Africa is bigger than big, so it that was groß is, or does it mean just something large in general?


Would "Präsident Trump ist groß" be correct use of the word groß

If you want to say that he is tall, then yes.

If you want to say that he is big (= fat) or that he is great (= wonderful), then not.


Ahhh... I see. So groß is more like "bulbous" than "grand". I'll spend some time practicing my pronunciation for the word with "Präsident Trump ist groß" anyway. It has a nice ring to it when you say it out loud repeatedly. And the louder you practice it, the more confident you'll be in your language skills.


groß is more like "bulbous" than "grand".


No; groß is basically just "big, large" -- but in relation to people, it's "tall".


no, previous comment says it means tall


Forever and ever, BIG is an incorrect adjective applied for a SURFACE. BIG is reserved in the English Language for items with THREE dimensions. The correct one is Africa is LARGE. Please, read the book by Alex F. Shouten, 'Conflictive Words' FEEDBACK TASK-BASED LANGUAGE TEACHING. Prensa Universitaria Palma de Mallorca (Balears Islands) 1989


Ah, I see you strive to be a prescriptivist of the English language. Now please allow me to show you what the reality of the situation actually is: "Africa is big" and "Africa is large" are both valid statements, and are both synonymous to each other. In fact, "big" is much more commonly used than "large" when describing the size of Africa. Also, you spelled the person's name wrong; it's Schouten. And that book you're referencing is almost 30 years old and it's only in Spanish, so it's not exactly the best source for showing how English should be used.

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