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How do you manage to learn 2 or even 5 languages at the same time?

I'm only here for a couple of months and I've been working my ass off to reach level 11 in Spanish. Yet I just noticed today so many users have 4 or 5 flags behind them and they are all in high levels. What's going on? I found it so confusing when I tried to do both spanish and French at the beginning. Its not for you? Or is it a special intellectual challenge?

November 5, 2014



I'm only doing 2 languages here at the moment but I have studied more at the same time when I was at school - all long forgotten now. It's just a matter of concentration and putting in the time, just as it is when we study multiple kinds of math at the same time. The biggest problem I found was the volume of words to learn and the amount of time that takes which is why I'm only tackling two now.

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