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"The girls eat colorful fruit."

Translation:Pigerne spiser farverige frugter.

November 5, 2014



Why can't it be "Pigerne spiser farverig frugt"? What indicates the plural in the original english sentence?


Without an indefinite article, fruit is considered plural in English.


Fruit is singular, but the correct sentence is written "frugter". wouldn't it be frugt, or fruits instead?


Wrong for me but I think the reason for that: Plural eat plural Pigerne spiser frugter


No, not by DL. Sometimes there are sentences like: pigerne og drengene spiser et jordbær. You just have to pay attention to grammar all the time. :-)


fruit is both singular and plural, unless a context is supplied SINGULAR wouls be assumed.


Got the right answer but it still marked as wrong? Not sure what happened there!


Just.. no, no, don't do it! That was not what u think.


The question is not about whether DL expects singular to be translated with singular etc. The question is: what do the Danish say? Can "frugt" be used as a collective concept (as in English) or do they have to say "frugter" as soon as there is an apple and a banana. "Fruits" in English is only used for indicating specifically that there are several kinds e.g. "the fruits of the forest". Can a native speaker please clarify?

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