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  5. "I am living on a hill."

"I am living on a hill."

Translation:Tá mé i mo chónaí ar chnoc.

November 5, 2014



Why isn't "tá cónaí orm" accepted?


Why not "Táim ..."? I just got an error for that.


It should be acceptable. Make sure to report it.


In the “Mark a̲l̲l̲ correct translations” variant of this exercise, both Tá mé … and Táim … were offered. I checked both of them, and both were recognized as being correct; thus, Táim … seems to be accepted now (2016-07-25).


Why is "chnoc" lenited here?


Because of the preposition ar.

ar is a bit unusual, in that it can cause lenition, eclipsis or no initial mutation at all. The entry for ar in the FGB says:

(In references of a general nature it does not normally affect initial letter of following noun, e.g. ar muir, ar cíos, ar cosa in airde, "on sea", "rented", "galloping". In qualified or particularized references it lenites, e.g. ar mhuir na beatha, ar chíos mór, "on the sea of life", "at a high rent". Eclipses in a few instances, e.g. ar gcúl, "backwards")

This is a "particularized reference", so chnoc is lenited.


While I see the logic of a "particularized reference" here as a reason for lenition ... what's the difference to "Ritheann an bhean ar an bhféar." (=on the grass, looks quite particularized to me too ...) then, where eclipsis is caused. Or the difference to "Tá an bia ar an mbord" (to take one of the very early examples) ... Any ideas? The discussion about the farm situated to the left didn't help me with this issue either: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/17631890


ar + an causes eclipsis.

The issue of whether ar causes lenition or not only arises when the definite article is not present.

(Donegal Irish, of corse, is different. ar + an causes lenition).


Even though tá cónaí orm is a hover hint, it's still marked wrong. Something has to be corrected?


The only way to suggest a correction is to use the Report flag when you get an answer wrong.

The people with access to the answer database don't read Sentence Discussions.


Thank you! I have now.

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