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  5. "Non vengono."

"Non vengono."

Translation:They are not coming.

June 26, 2013



Could this not mean,"They do not come"?

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yes I wrote that and it was a correct answer


I just notified duoLingo that I thought my answer 'They are not arriving' should have been accepted. However, I have a question regarding this:

If I am unsure if I think the answer is wrong / right, is it better to post the question to the conversation ( ... or in this case my 'whining' that I think my answer should be correct ;-) first, and wait for an answer on the board ... or to report it to them and not post? I would hate to waste the moderators' time with anything erroneous; I am the one learning the language ;-)

(I was astounded to find out there are only about 30 people running duoLingo ... bravo!)


Sometimes an answer may not be accepted but after a few reports it is added so one person got it incorrect but later it was considered correct. So, let's not forget to report when we think something should be accepted, or changed. I've just seen a message from Duo saying:"we are working on the quality of the Italian listening."


It said vengono also means arrive. So why is the don't arrive correct?


i had the same situation :)


I wrote They do not come, and it was marked wrong.


Hmm that's weird, I got it right. Though I did contract do not into don't I don't see how that makes a difference.


I wrote 'they are not coming' and this was accepted


Is there a difference between "they don't come" and "they are not coming"?


They mean pretty much the same thing. Duo seems to accept pretty much both in most sentences now.


It certainly seems like there's a difference. This is how I've come to understand it so far:

"they don't come" [present habitual/general] = "non vengono" "they are not coming" [present progressive] = "non stanno venendo"

Please correct me if any of this is wrong. Thanks.


Any confidence I had going into this section. Gone. Poof!


why not they do not

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