"De laver aviser."

Translation:They make newspapers.

4 years ago



Since this is in the Present category could this sentence also mean "They are making newspapers?"

2 years ago


Yes. They make and they are making is the same term in danish. Also for other verbs.

7 months ago

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In short...De laver aviser, og De laver kylling... they could make a newspaper but not for lunch. For lunch there's chicken in the menu !!

3 years ago


That's not even funny! I see (hear actually) laver for the very first time and have to write it correctly.

Is that how DL works? You get first Audio and only then you learn how to write the word. Looks like DL likes my hearts

3 years ago

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Its not my ideal way to learn new vocab... But it has worked and made me remember the new words

3 years ago


Alright who else head l├Žser instead of laver?

8 months ago
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