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  5. "It is a living chicken."

"It is a living chicken."

Translation:Det er en levende kylling.

November 5, 2014



If anyone has not watched it, I recommend the movie 'De Grønne Slagtere'. Almost every word we have learned up to this point is used, even turtle haha.


Yes, I've watched it too and many of the words we learn here can be heard there. Good for listening practice. And it's a funny movie :D

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I tried watching it. I couldn't understand a word the characters were saying. In most Danish movies and TV programs, I can at least pick up something. I wonder if they have a strong regional accent.


So 'it' is always det, never den?


I think it is "Den" in case if its without the "er" in between , fx. Den levende kylling (the living chicken) or Den kylling er levend (that chicken is living)
But I am just a beginner myself so please correct me if im wrong


It is "det" when you say "det er (noun)" ( it is (noun))

In this case the noun is chicken. But any noun will make it become "det" Det er en båd(it is aboat). det er en hest(it is a horse). Det er et bord(it is a table).

If you write "it is (adjective)" you can use den and det depending on what "it" is Den er stor(it is big), det er stort (it is big). Den er levende, det er levende

If you have both an adjektive (like levende) and a noun ( like kylling) you have to use "det" Det er en stor sol(it is a big sun). Det er et lille bord( it is a small table). Det er en dum hest(it is a stupid horse)


If it's using "Det," a neuter word, why is the correct answer "det er EN" rather than "det er ET?"


Why levende and not levend?


Sorry but this is really great. LIVING CHICKEN

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