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  5. "Jeg har bøger."

"Jeg har bøger."

Translation:I have books.

November 5, 2014



And is sounds more like bu-yar


Without the "s". Roughly "booyer".


I just can't seem to successfully pronounce bøger. Too much of a "y" sound in the middle. Might be a word that forever exposes me when I speak Danish.


The "g" in Danish is pronounced as "y". To say the word "bøger", first say the English word "buyer". Phonetically it is "bayer", as in apple. Now say it whilst slowly pursing the lips, changing the "a" sound to a "u" sound, almost as in "queue".


I "hear" what you're trying to tell me to do, but I'm still putting too much of a hard "y" sound at the very end of the "g" before transition to the -er. I suspect this is a musculature thing. My tongue and throat aren't used to constricting in the right places to get the sound right. Practice, practice, practice. Thanks for the reply, by the way. :)


I think that what Duo needs is a course on tongue and throat gymnastics. I wouldn't worry too much about correct pronunciation; there are so many dialects in Danish, that I don't think it really matters. I have had several Danes ask me if I came from the south of Denmark, and I took it as a compliment because I'm Irish.


I gave that translation and was marked wrong for not using "have got".


Me too... odd. I guess another chance for practicing when it comes back around


Is this really how it's supposed to sound? 'Boger' sounds like bouue


is there a trend to danish plurals? or do you just learn as you go?


In Danish, plurals end either with an "e" or "er". In some cases, intermediate letters can also change, as in:

Hund - hunde = Dog - dogs.

Hånd - hænder = Hand - hands.

There is no rule dictating when letters change character, so you really must get to know them through practise.


They say it to fast. I cant understand


Then use the thing that shows a turtle they say it slower maybe to slow


I didn't know Ty Lopez was learning Danish


Its difficoult with bøger and boger


When pronouncing "bøger" - try to approach it like this:

Take the "ea" from "Earl", and add "b" in front of it.

Then take the "o" from "on"

So together these sounds will sound like "bea-o"

Happy learning, from Denmark!


Actually the danish "Ø" is close to the french "eu" sound from for example "bleu". Imo


Having same trouble with bøger. I'm hearing a glottal stop (') in there, like "BOO' -yah"


Jeg har boger.Type in danish at first I thought it meant type in English well I was wrong

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