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Daily Practice Suggestion

Try setting a goal for yourself when you practice on Duolingo in terms of skill points. You earn skill points every time you complete a lesson or practice your vocabulary words. For example, your goal could be to earn 50 skill points every day. This will ensure that you are constantly practicing every day, even if it is for just a few minutes.

June 26, 2013



I think any daily goal that you can set for yourself is good. For example, 30 minutes.every.single.day. And stick with it. Or skill points. Or lessons. As long as you do SOMETHING every day it becomes a great habit and you will learn and retain it more.


well my goal is opening the app every single day and take lessons until i get bored or frustrated.curiosity for what the next lesson might bring keeps me motivated.


Earlier I set a goal to complete 5 skills each week - ie 1 per day, with a break on weekends or time to catch up then. Soon realized that the number of lessons per section were getting much too big for that! Now I just try to keep my streak alive, all my skills full, and one new section a week. But people are still amazed at what I'm managing to learn just with "an app".

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