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"The woman has the girl's apple."

Translation:Kvinden har pigens æble.

November 5, 2014



Can I also translate this sentence as Kvinden har piges æblet ?


You can not

"The woman has the girls apple", the girl is definite. You therefore have to use the definite form in Danish.

Otherwie use would say "The woman has girl's apple" which is not correct. However if you put an indefinite article in there, a (en), "Kvinden har en piges æble", it would be correct, but that is not the task


I understand there is a definite, but in English it is not clear whether the article is referred to the girl, to the apple or to both. The same sentence can be written as The woman has the apple of the girl. Maybe Kvinden har pigens æblet makes more sense?


Kvinden = The woman. Pigen = The girl, so Pigens æble = The girl's apple.

When you use the definite it has to be connected to the word it is defining. Æblet = the apple. If you say "Kvinden har pigens æblet" then you're saying, "The woman has the girl's the apple" and that's wrong both in English and Danish :)


But then is there any way to refer to THE apple of the girl? Assuming I want to indicate a specific apple and not just an apple belonging to the girl. ..


Kvinden har æblet af pigen?


I want to know why y'all disabled the ability for American keyboards to go the long-way of typing Scandinavian script instead of having to click the script with a mouse? Every time I figure out how to work around something, y'all change the works! What, are y'all spying on me? STOP THAT!!!

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