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New translation interface

I prefer the old translation interface, it was useful to know the level of the sentence, and we could translate a lot of sentences, with this method only dificult sentences are available and low level people (like me) can't contribute anything.

October 3, 2012



@rocko2012 - I'd have to disagree. As a competent translator, you can skip the simple sentences if you want to - no one was forcing you to do these. But only being offered random, more difficult, sentences to translate almost guarantees a poorer product in the end. I'm not going to waste my time reading an entire article just so I can contribute my 5 cents' worth to one or two difficult sentences, particularly where some of the simpler sentences have been messed up already and there is no means to improve them.


I agree with 1 km. This way of doing it can't do anything but produce a disjointed, awkward style. I also don't like not being able to translate the whole article myself, not for any reason other than that is what I like to do. I wish that DuoLingo would change back to the old interface and also add back the old article archives so we could find articles of interest. I can feel my interest starting in DuoLingo starting to wain...


I certainly don't like the new interface in terms of aesthetics, it is far harder to find out what's actually going on now. In particular, the separate box surrounding each word is a nightmare! I agree that 'locking down' certain sentences after a certain number of (occasionally poor) translations is silly, it goes against the whole crowdsourcing idea. From a learner's point of view, going through a whole article for myself was incredibly valuable.


Like everyone else has said, the old translation interface was great. And I liked translating entire articles because that way, I could put the more difficult sentences into context (while also gaining points), and for someone who is in the process of learning a language, context is invaluable to translation and to decoding words and sentences.


I agree. The translation used to give a practise opportunity. Now I'm faced with sentences well beyond my ability and I'm guessing, judging by the poor quality of many of the old translations, that those already translated will be very unreliable.


@rocko2012 - Thanks for your reply. I agree choice would be good. But then Duolingo must have some rationale for locking down sentences after as few as 10 people have contributed, leaving the bones to be chewed over by others. Crowd-sourcing it ain't (that's an old English word that has persisted in North American btw, not some corruption of the Queen's). Any competent statistitian will know that less than 20 observations (alternative translations) is not statistically significant.


I've not translated as much as you guys but I like the new system better. All the easy stuff is already done and makes me feel like my contribution is more worth while. By filling in the missing sentences. The old way of hundreds of people working on the same simple sentences and very few working on the hard was kind of pointless.


I've not translated much so duolingo really should not base the system around my taste. But the beauty of computer software is they have these two systems developed now there is no reason why they cannot offer users a choice. I guess it might add to their cost to support both.


Now you cannot compete against others as much as you could before when it comes to gathering points for translating sentences, which takes a bit of the fun out of this site. If you're at a certain point value, you're stuck there and can't move ahead quickly through skipping lessons by translating sentences since you're now forced to go through the lessons before you can translate any sentences. And it's no fun to be shown how close the sentence is to being translated in real life. Who cares? I only care if it's my sentence that is the final translation. I have no interest in sharing the credit for a perfect translation with others, sorry to say. That may sound egotistical, but so be it. I also don't think the lessons teach you enough French to make your knowledge of it useful in real life (my husband is a native Parisian and tells me that this method has not helped me to improve that much), and they are pretty uninteresting in and of themselves (no images, and excluding images lowers the effectiveness of the teaching product in my opinion). If you aren't shown images to link to certain words, how can you be a better translator if you can't even retain the lessons well enough to translate sentences with any skill?


I agree. I want the old translation page back.. I cannot pick which ones I want to translate, I can only pick the difficult ones as everyone else have already done the easier ones..

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