"We are not men."

Translation:Noi non siamo uomini.

June 26, 2013

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The sentence was: We are not men. And I'm not understand exactly what means here the "degli" (Noi non siamo degli uomini.). I wrote this: Noi non siamo gli uomini. Why was this wrong?


it was rong becouse you put " we are not the men" when you put gli its like you're using l'. So it would be gli uomini "the men" l'uomo "the man" Hope this answers your question. =P


Also not clear on this one.


I'm not understanding the difference between using "no" and "non"... when do you use one over the other?


"No" would be the same as it is in english. If you answer "No" to a question for example. But "non" is when you want to make something negative. Or in english "not". So "They do NOT have a cat" = "Loro NON hanno un gatto"


"Degli" is a partitive article, in Englis it means something like 'some' or 'few'. No article at all seems to be the best answer here.

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