"Modellen kommer imod os."

Translation:The model comes towards us.

November 5, 2014

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I don't understand why here "Imod" is translated as "towards", and in other sentences is "against".

How would it be then "The model comes against us" like if she is disagreeing with us in some argument or statement that we are saying?

I'm a bit confused with this terms.. Anyone can help? :)


I suspect that that idiom doesn't exist in Danish. In many Germanic laguages 'towards' and 'against' are the same word. In both words you're closing in on a certain spot from some direction.


Even im confused in this


Any difference between henimod and imod?


Like another enquirer, I am confused between henimod and imod. How do we decide which to use? I don't believe the previous enquirer was answered.


According to the on-line Danish dictionary, henimod (or hen imod) implies a specific destination of some sort: Han gik hen imod pizza vognen (He walked toward the pizza cart) or Det koster hen imod 5000 kroner (It costs up towards [or around] 5000 kroner). Imod on the other hand is just "in the direction of" -- Hun kom imod mig. (She came toward me.) -- or politically or philosophically in opposition to. "Jeg er helt imod idéen. (I'm completely against the idea.)” Henimod is never used in the sense of philosophical or political opposition to something.


Many thanks Mittenlady. that is a really good answer


Would it be strange if I say 'comes against s.o'?

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