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  5. "Ved du, om han kommer?"

"Ved du, om han kommer?"

Translation:Do you know if he is coming?

November 5, 2014



I have a real tough time distinguishing between "ved" and "vil" when spoken. They sound the same to me. Any suggestions out there for how to tell them apart.


Please know that I have the same problem in here, and I'm a native. Duolingo doesn't have the best Danish pronounciation yet. Hopefully it will improve in time...


Thanks! That's good to know. :-)


Try this: Write "ved, vil" to Ivona and click 'Play'. Or try the same with Google translator.


Thanks, I did so, and with the "Mads" Danish voice it was easy to tell a difference, because his soft "d" sounds more like "th". But the "Naja" voice was still ambiguous, because her soft "d" sounds pretty much like an "l". In both cases, they pronounce the "e" and the "i" pretty much the same.


Why do they put a comma after du? Is this proper grammar?


Why not, Ved du hvis han kommer'?


"Om" look likes "will" in future in Eng.It's include a little bit of wonder."Hvis" isn't only a conjuction,but a pronoun for questions,too.It' look likes "going to" in future in Eng.It's clearer,without any wonder.


Hvis = "if only" ....... Om = " if "

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