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  5. "She is the woman."

"She is the woman."

Translation:Hun er kvinden.

November 5, 2014



Which scenarios should i use kvinde or kvinden?


Instead of using a word to mean "the" the Danish use a suffix. So, en kvinde means "a woman" while kvinden means "the woman."


I can't entirely tell the difference when this program pronounces kvind and kvinden. Is there a difference in pronounciation?


There is a small difference. Kvinden will end with your tongue touching the roof of your mouth. Kvinde ends with space between them.


O, thank you. It is almost unreal to hear the difference when you just started learning, but I'll try.


I keep getting confused between er, en, and et. Can someone please explain?


Hopefully this doesnt confuse much, but I can make a few bullet points to sort things a bit... Note that there are some exceptions!

The indefinite article, a, in english can be expressed using the Danish, en, et, -e, or -er depending on gender or plurality -common gender (car/woman) -singular (a car/a woman) -en bil -en kvinde -plural (cars/women) -biler -kvinder -neuter gender (book/house) -singular (a book/a house) -et bog -et hus -plural (books/houses) -boger -huse

At any rate, this should be a good start in learning when to use the words en, et and the suffixes.


You have given a good explanation here, but "bog" is common gender.


Are there conjugations in Danish?

[deactivated user]

    Technically there are, because for example the verb at være takes the form "er" in the present tense for all persons. All persons are conjugated the same. Look here:


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