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  5. "She eats a banana."

"She eats a banana."

Translation:Itheann sí banana.

November 5, 2014



Wouldn't " ithimid si banana" work too?


"ithimid" means "we eat", I believe.


''Itheann sí banana'' = ''She eats a banana'' ''Ithimid sí banana'' = I think ''We eat she a banana'' XD


Is "si" the only way to say "a"? Or does it depend on the context of the sentence?


Sí means "she" (and conveniently pronounced the same). There is NO indefinite article in Irish, so "a" is merely implied here.


Mé, tú, sé, sí. Muid, sibh, siad : I, you, he/it, she. We, y'all, they.


hAVING trouble with when to use an, and when to just drop it. is the the v. a?


Not sure what your question was. But an gives a sense of definitiveness to the banana. It's not just any banana she ate, she had that specific banana. There would likely be a prior understanding between the speaker and the listener as to what banana she's eating.

Simply put, Irish an is akin to the Englisb definitive article the. Without it, you may insert the word a in an English translation, or leave it off.

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