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Suggestion for the lessons

Having each lesson basically be a test with some answers (new words) you can cheat on, is good. It forces you to focus and get the answer right, lest you might have to do it all over again with enough wrong answers.

I don't want to take away from that, but because in these tests some of the questions you don't see again and some questions have multiple answers, I'd like the ability, if I want, to answer the question again. The question would be marked wrong or right depending if I got it wrong or right initially, but before I press continue, it would be nice if I could try a different answers and see if that would work.

I mean sometimes I purposely mark an answer in a way other than what I know would be marked right, because I want to see if a certain translation is acceptable, both because I'm curious and again I might not see this question again.

June 26, 2013



Can't you just do the lesson over again? Or if you know the word that the question is focusing on, then repeat that word in the Vocab practice ?


Well first of all I already said sometimes the questions aren’t repeated. Secondly, why would I want to do a whole lesson, hopeing to find the same question, when I just want to re-answer that question and its right there? Not only that, but I might want to re-answer that question three, four...... times. Thirdly, and this more often the case, the desire to redo the question has little to do with a word and more with the sentence, in that I would like to try different inversions and rephrasing to see what is possible. And yes that would help me reenforce my understanding of a word and no it is not something I can do repeating one word in the vocab practice, but I have to thank you since I did not know you can do that.

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