"My brother and sister sing."

Translation:Min bror og søster synger.

November 6, 2014

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Why can't we use the plural form of "min", "mine" here since there are 2 persons ?


Because the words "bror" and "søster" are singular, it does'nt matter how many singular nouns you mention in a sentence- you still need to use the singular "min" or "mit". But if you wanted to say 'my siblings sing' it would be "mine søskende synger".


What about if you have one brother and two sisters? I'm not a native English speaker but I guess one could say "my brother and sisters". In Danish can you say "Mine bror og søstre"? or do you have to repeat the possessive (first "min", second "mine")(repeating is what you should do in French, my native language, so that's why I'm asking)


Why is "Min bror og min soster synger" incorrect? Are you not allowed to repeat the possessive?


It's accepted as correct now.


I'm going to guess that it just wants the exact form as the english it gave ("my brother and sister"), and so the added 'min' makes it incorrect.


Man, it took me three tries to get this right because of typos!!! Better luck next time, eh?


verb first or not verb first. i read about it somewhere but can't remember...?

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