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Is there way to learn english for english speakers?

I know only english, but poorly. Is there way to practice it using duolingo? Learn new worlds and so on?

June 26, 2013



Out of curiosity how old are you?


28, if you would believe me


There is no such course on Duolingo because learning here is based on translation. Try reading books in English to improve your vocabulary.

By the way, what is your native language?


I read five books in English, but it did not help. It would be great if I could learn English here, it seems to be fun. My native language is Czech, small Europe country with 10 million people, no one will make version for Czech, only some other skilled Czech.


Maybe I could try learning English from German, they are a little similar. But I have zero knowledge of German, so I would have to use Google translator to my language and it could work.

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