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How hard is basic supposed to be?

I tried to finish first basic lesson ten times without cheating (using google translator and so), but I'm not able to finish it. How long should it take to get through the first basic lesson? Or am I expected to cheat?

June 26, 2013



I don't think it's supposed to be very difficult, but if you're not familiar with any foreign languages or if English isn't your first language and you're learning from English, it could be. I see that you're learning French. Make sure that you understand the basics of verb conjugation and gendered nouns (read the tips section). If there are other specific things that you don't understand, try looking at the discussions of the questions you get wrong, or posting a topic about what's confusing you, and I'm sure someone will be happy to help.


Remember that you can hover over words in the question that you don't know in order to reveal dictionary definitions of the word. You are expected to use these hints in order to learn the language, and slowly use them less as you become more comfortable with the new vocabulary.


You are expected not to cheat but to use resources that help you learn. Dictionaries and grammar references are not cheating.


You are expected to cheat on this site. It isn´t posted, but if you hover over the words in the question, they will basically reveal the answers. It isn´t as much a test, as a learning exercise. you learn by hovering over the words in the question.

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