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"Níl muinín ag na feirmeoirí aisti."

Translation:The farmers do not have trust in her.

November 6, 2014



I said "The farmers do not have faith in her." Would this also work or is there another word that means "faith" in the form of trust?


Faith should be acceptable. In fact, if you check the De Bhaldraithe's English-Irish Dictionary for faith , you'll see that muinín is an option, and even appears in the example muinín, iontaoibh a bheith ag duine as duine


I said the same as faith and trust would have very similar meanings in my vocabulary


Do you mean another Irish word like English “faith” that can mean “trust”, like iontaiobh? Or do you mean another English word like “faith” that can mean “trust”, like “confidence”? One possible problem with using “have faith” is that it could be interpreted in a religious context, e.g. as if “her” were referring to Mary rather than to, say, a business partner.


I meant another Irish word like English "faith." Just curious because I was marked wrong for using faith instead of trust. So then would "Níl iontaiobh ag na feirmeoirí aisti" be a better, more literal translation if I used faith?


Iontaibh is closer to “trust” or “confidence” than to “faith”. A more “faith”-like word would be creideamh, but it doesn’t have the “trust” or “confidence” shades of meaning that “faith” can have in English; it’s more on the “belief” or “creed” side of things.


I KNOW that we are learning literally Irish, but "do not have trust in her" is that the same as "the farmers do not trust her" or "don't trust her"???


This is a very awkward translation - a much better translation would be "flying frenchman's" suggestion of "have faith" or , my favourite, "have confidence": "The farmers do not trust her" was accepted.


I can't figure where they got the "have" and the "in" . In a previous sentence there was , Tá muinín ag an múinteoirí asam...The teachers trust me. So can that also mean The teachers have trust in me. ???


Yes, that's right! "Tá ... ag na múinteoirí" means 'the teachers have'. What they have, is the "muinín", the trust. And in whom? "Asam", 'in me'.


So feirmeoirí isn't eclipsed here because it's definite plural?


Trust the harvest moon

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