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Why do I not have a "slow button" for any of my languages?

When I first started using DuoLingo a year ago, I really enjoyed having the ability to slow down the speaking voice. Sometime this summer, that ability disappeared, and while I was disappointed, I already have an extensive background in diction for French, Italian, and German, so I was okay with this for a while. Now that there are languages on DuoLingo that I've never studied before, such as Danish, Dutch and Irish, I am very annoyed that this feature is still missing. Is this a problem that occurs because of the browser I'm using (Chrome), or is it something else? I want to learn these new languages, but it will be impossible to do until I can clearly hear what the voices are dictating.

November 6, 2014



I'm using Chrome and have the slow button for the audio--Danish, Dutch, and Spanish--but only for the listening exercises. Are you talking about just every time there's audio?


Like superdaisy, I have the slow button but only for the listening exercises. I havent seen any listening exercises so far in my Danish course so I cannot say if the slow button ixists for that, but Danish Dutch and Irish are all in beta testing so that may account for not seeing the sloyw button in those languages.

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