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  5. "I have a fridge."

"I have a fridge."

Translation:Tá cuisneoir agam.

November 6, 2014



I'm getting something confused. I wrote "Tá chuisneoir agam" instead of using "cuisneoir"


Chuisneoir is the lenited form, with cuisneoir being the normal form. Since it's a masculine word, chuisneoir will not appear after the definite article an, but will still appear (in some dialects) after sa.


go raibh míle maith agat ... a ghalaxy rocker :) Thanks for all of the help here, I really appreciate that. I'm supposedly a descendant of people from the Roscommon/Galway border area. I don't think we'll ever know the EXACT place. But the down survey shows my ancestors name all over the place in southern Roscommon towards Galway and one of his lands was in County Galway ... ahh but that is very ancient history now.
I'm just an American made from Celtic & Germanic parts :) I say all this only because I see Galway in your icon :) so, that is interesting (to me).


Im actually not Irish at all. Galway's just where I stayed in Ireland and where I love.


I bet that was a grand vacation. I plan on going there as soon as I can.


I was actually studying Irish and doig a semester abroad (though that was Dublin)


Congrats, now don't brag fridge owner. It's probably a minifridge anyway.


Ah, dorm life, I remember those days.


When I was a child, fridges came in only two colors: Harvest Gold and Avocado Green. You had to plan your kitchen color scheme around the fridge.


What's the difference between "agat" and "agam" in this context, as both worked for me?

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Agam is "at me". Agat is "at you (singular)". So "Tá cuisneoir agam" is "I have a fridge" and "Tá cuisneoir agat" is "You (sing.) have a fridge."


whats the difference between cuisneoir and chuisneoir


I had to pick the word chuisneoir. Tells me i had a typo but i didnt type it ?


The app shows "u have a typo error" in "choose words from menu" quest

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Which suggests that you selected the wrong word from the available list - perhaps both cuisneoir and chuisneoir were availabe?


i love it when it asks you to translate a sentence from irish to english, and then in the next one it gives you the same sentence in english and asks you to translate it into irish

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