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  5. "Do you eat fish?"

"Do you eat fish?"

Translation:Spiser du fisk?

November 6, 2014



I don't get what's wrong, i chose spiser du fisk, says it's incorrect but shows as a good option, why?


I'm not a native speaker so don't take this as gospel, but I think 'du' is informal while 'I' is formal so they want us to be in The habit of saying things The proper way while still exsposing us to a 'friendlier' way to talk to others. Anyone should correct me if I'm wrong.


Close, I is used when talking to more than one person, du is used when talking to one single person. There is a formal you (De, always capitalised) but it is very very rarely used these days. But you are right hat we're trying to get people used to both forms of you commonly used in Danish


there should be only "spiser du fisk" !!!

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